Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I am a Columnist!!!

I have to confess that this was a dream of mine for quite some time… even before I started blogging. Of course that by posting my stories on my blog, I got a little “push” to try something new. So I did; and for the first time in my life I am writing for a magazine!!!

I sent a proposal to the AirdrieLife Magazine and I was accepted to be one of their contributors for the portion of the magazine called: “Slice of Life” in the parenting section.

My first article for the AirdrieLife Magazine is called: “How do we teach our children to create their own budget?”
This was an amazing experience that I recommend to all teachers that like me that enjoy writing and reading.

I already received suggestions for the next topics for my column and I am writing a few drafts… The magazine only publishes 4 editions per year, one issue for each season of the year, so, I still have some time to think about my next article until the next publication’s deadline comes around.

So, now I am a teacher, an auto-ethnographer and a columnist!!!

If you would like to read my article, please visit the website below.

Thank you, gracias,


*The magazine is available online and also on paper copy. The paper edition has been already distributed in Airdrie and area.

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