Monday, August 1, 2016

Little Child of Mine - Poem

Ellis et al (2010), argue that  “…when researchers do autoethnography, they retrospectively and selectively write about epiphanies that stem from, or are made possible by, being part of a culture and/or by possessing a particular cultural identity.”

This poem will tell you a little bit of me…

Little Child of Mine

A little child had a desire
She wanted to show other children how do to things
The little child loved to share her games and toys
She liked to see others creating original things
The little child treasured those moments
She seemed like a mother sometimes, even though she was so young...
The little child enjoyed teaching her friends all the cool things she could do
She was respected among her friends; they always listened to her
The little girl had so much to give
She had so many hopes and dreams
The little girl wanted to be a teacher
She wanted to change the world
That little girl was me!

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